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Children's Hearing Aid Texas would like to gratefully acknowledge the generous contributions from the following benefactors:


Austin Community Foundation
St. Davids Community Health Foundation
The Cain Foundation
The Silverton Foundation
The Mellor Family Foundation
The Topfer Family Foundation
A.L. Chilton Foundation


Capitol Anesthesiology Association
Brown McCarroll, L.L.P.
NCS Pearson Charitable Giving Committee
Oz Systems

Groups and Individuals

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Caven
Virginia and Bob Dupuy
Caroline Favrot
Mr. and Mrs. H.M. Favrot, Jr.
Stephen R. Gunn
Imperial Golden Crown Harmonizers
Jim and Jane Piper
J.P. Scott & Company
Bill Worrell

Memorial Contributions

In memory of Michele Shoemaker Liebel from Stephen Lane

In memory of Murphy H. Baxter from Kelly Baxter

In memory of John and Helen Caldwell from Ann and Charles Allen

Children's Hearing Aid Texas would also like to thank and acknowledge the contributions made by the following special friends and volunteers:

Austin Firefighters Association
Anne Ducote
Cynthia Ray
Nina French
Missy Moscoe
Anne Wheeler
Michelle Bassett
Callie Goodrich
Lisa Conley
Peggy Poling

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